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Once upon a time a group of professors, went to the region of Maya civilization with three local guides in order to make a research. After making a headway, local guides suddenly stopped, sat down and took a position as if they were in a yoga session. Neither they spoke nor they answered to professors objections, who claimed it was not a resting place according to the route. After a couple of hours, when they started walking again, the professors asked the reason of their strange act. The answer was an interesting one: “We’ve covered the way so fast that we felt our souls remained behind so we waited for them to catch us back.”

Let’s imagine a man who works in an office 100 years ago, manages a time travel and starts working in a contemporary office in our time. What would he feel? Maybe he hates his job maybe he loves it because of the bliss of being able to work productively. Though this is an abstract idea, all of us experience the same thing more or less. Think of a man who is 65-70 years old office worker and think about the developments he has to face in an office environment, for example the shift from Facit to tablets. Not only the direct developments in technology but also the indirect changes in office furniture may be ‘scary’. We use the word ‘scary’ on purpose. Because only ‘scary’ can describe the people’s state of mind who once used padded wall panels and now works in the offices furnished with modern style furniture. Of course the change is inevitable but the problem lies in the speed of change.

Yes, the change is inevitable. And we can’t slow down the rate. But how about creating an illusion through design? It still can be modern, productivity based while nobody feels alienated in it, why not? We’ve been thinking about an answer to this question for a while. We think that the solution to this answer is to use the images in nature, highlighting but not exaggerating them. In almost all new designs, we use a reflection of an animal, a plant or a rock. For example KANT director desk’s leg recalls the curve of an iguana leg. Or when you look at ERNESTO, you want to touch it like you do when you see a natural stone in nature. In other words, we decided to imitate the nature. Only this way we can work in harmony with our souls through these images. Anyway, the meaning of design is the art of imitating nature, isn’t it?


Setline Office creative line has achieved a remarkable success by emphasizing the comfort and simplicity in office furniture with its innovative perspective. Wishing to share its success with new dealers, Setline Office awaits for your application to be our dealer.